Sweetwater Presbyterian

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Devotion January 23, 2019

Greetings All!
Went on a trip today. Long trip. Foggy trip. I started not to go because the weather forecast looked rather bleak. Icy, rainy and foggy. No fun to drive.
And the forecast regarding the weather turned out to be pretty accurate.
Started out the journey by taking a load of items to the car where I had to break some ice off the handle of the door and I thought to myself ‘this was an ominous sign’ but I knew I needed to go and I looked around and saw cars driving as normal down the road in front of my house and figured that if they could go so easily down the street then my driving should be OK - that is after I scraped off the ice from the car and made sure the wipers were unlodged cause there was a mist of rain falling and I was pretty sure that during this trip I was going to have to avail myself of the windshield wipers as I began my trek.
Car loaded, deep breath taken as I climbed into the car and headed down the road. Most of the driving is interstate driving so I figured that enough traffic had motored down the road to have cleared the pavement from any remaining frozen patches. And it all started out pretty well….
Turns out what I had to worry about was not the ice crystals that possible were adorning the road that impeded my progress, but trucks.
I do not know why on a random Wednesday morning there seemed to be a convoy (remember that Convoy song from 1975 - that just popped into my head and I am sure will remain there the rest of the day!) of large trucks - but there was. Not just 18 wheelers but log trucks and dump trucks and lowboys (I use to be a job counselor for a while and I learned all those ‘trucky’ words). You name the truck and for whatever reason it was on the road this icy, misty, foggy Wednesday morning. These trucks were not the least bit interested in sharing the road with anyone. Every time a hill loomed ahead where in my mind I thought I can get around this truck, another truck would pull into the passing lane and then there were two slow moving trucks blocking both lanes so I wasn’t going anywhere other than behind the truck!
I even came to the place where there are three lanes and trucks aren’t suppose to travel in the far left lane so they don’t clog up the road and some truck driver who obviously felt the rules were written for everyone else decided defiantly to add his truck to the third lane and now there were 3 large trucks blocking passage…..
Did you ever feel like something was blocking your way forward as you continue down the path of your life? Ever look up and ask God why there were so many roadblocks in front of you…. maybe even ask God to move those roadblocks away so you can continue on with your journey in the direction you wanted to go at the speed you think you need to go?
Well the moral of the truck story is that even though I may not have gone at the speed I wanted I still ended up at my destination.
And even though the journey of our life doesn’t go at the speed we would like, we can be assured God is right there with us and we are going at the speed God knows is best for our life and best for what he knows we need to do and learn.
Don’t get frustrated if things aren’t going how you want. Don’t worry if things aren’t working out how you want or when you want but have faith that you are going exactly how God knows is best.