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Devotion March 27, 2019

Greetings All!
Coffee cups are good for coffee and coffee cups are excellent pen holders - as attested by the number of coffee cups I have filled with pens. So instead of amazement over the number of coffee cups I have filled with pens, the amazement should be over the number of pens I have filling my plethora of coffee cups.
I have an attraction to pens and I do not know why. It is not an expense thing because you can get pens for a quarter. It is not really a writing thing because how much actual writing does anyone do anymore. Maybe if it were a thing about keyboards or keypads or what ever they call those pop up screens on our cellular telephones which is what we use more frequently to write things down.
But it has always been there - this pen collecting frenzy.
I go to conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations, programs and if there are free pens involved I come home with my fair allotment and maybe a few more if they happen to be some loose or left over. (I can now see you checking your pocket to make sure I haven’t ‘borrowed’ you pen).
My most recent trip to a Presbyterian Women training as I was leaving the speaker handed me a handful of PW pens and said, “Do you want these? I have been trying to get rid of them.” Well that was a silly question and of course I thanked her as I took them. More pens for the coffee cups!
Needless to say, I have lots of pens and most of them can be found in a coffee cup somewhere altho recently as I was cleaning out a cabinet I found a whole shoe box of pens…..
I was actually writing something the other day. Had my legal pad out and I was scribbling away with a pen grabbed from the closest coffee cup but the pen I had taken out of the closest coffee cup was not writing well. Knowing I had a bazillion other pens one would have thought I would just toss this underperforming pen and grab another one.
Of course not! I was not going to give up on this pen and so for the rest of the afternoons pen writing chore I needed to do, I struggled along with that pen, writing, shaking it, wiping off the tip, scratching along knowing that there is a good possibility I would not be able to even read all these notes I was taking with this less than perfect pen…
That is what God does with us. God never gives up on us even when we aren’t able to really do the things we think we ought to to, need to do, or even want to do for the Lord. God never gives up on us when we try to do what we believe God calls us to do and it doesn’t work out as it should, or we end up not being able to do what we think we can or should, or we try to do it and we really mess it up.
It doesn’t matter. God will always, always, always, regardless of anything, hold us dear to him.