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Devotion Novembr 14, 2018

Next week is a busy week for everyone.  Thanksgiving preparations, probably house cleaning for family coming in - and maybe it isn’t a busy week because you are the family that is coming in and someone else is doing the Thanksgiving preparations and the house cleaning….  Or maybe you are going to have a nice restful and relaxing week…
I however am one of the busy week people with Thanksgiving preparations and house cleaning and family coming in which is great because I love it when the house is full of the hustle and bustle of family and adults sitting around discussing different aspects of their life which for my kids it is usually talking to one another about their kids because they have a plethora of them.  And then there are the kids who are repeatedly told to stay in the play room and to keep the toys in the play room but who repeatedly are running around all over the house everywhere but the toy room and dragging out the toys from the toy room and are told to take the toys back to the toy room and they do but somehow the toys keep reappearing outside of the toy room…. and there are dogs barking outside…..
But it is OK.  Anyway that is not what I was going to talk about but somehow that is what came out as I was getting ready to talk about what I wanted to talk about which was the busyness of next week.  Because we have to prepare for the clamor of all these people - and I think maybe the mental preparation is more important than the cleaning and buying supplies and cooking what can be cooked ahead of time.
While I love all those people being around and the chaos of the little ones running around and screaming - because regardless of how old the ‘little’ ones are they do see the necessity to scream and scream often and scream loudly and each time you hear a shriek you are weighing in your head “Is that a real I’m hurt please help me scream or is that just one of those run of the mill type screams that the children seem to want to do often and loudly” and most of the time the screams are the just kid cause we are kid screams - but sometimes it is hard to tell!
So during the time before the people tornado hits I do some mental preparation to remind myself that chaos will ensue no matter how much preparation is done - and that is OK!!
Mental preparation is important when it comes to our relationship with God.  In fact mental preparation is imperative when it comes to our relationship with God.  Because our relationship with God is a spiritual act and spiritual acts use our mind and our intellect and we have to take a moment to get ourselves in the right place in order to be able to fully connect with our creator.  We just don’t go bopping into the presence of God like we would run into Grandma’s Thanksgiving prepared house…. we go into the presence of God with our hearts and our minds tuned to listen and to hear what God says to us and that is a mental thing…. and unless we put aside all those shopping lists and to do lists and personal relationship concerns and ‘what happened on Dancing with the Stars last night’ questions that fill up our thinking space we have a hard time allowing God to fill us with what God feels we need  - so you have to prepare yourself by putting all that away, by tuning yourself to the spiritual nature of God and by quieting all the ‘me’ stuff…..
Worship, prayer time, whenever you are looking for a special moment with God, prepare yourself and you will find there is so much more to experience together with your creator.
And I will get my mind ready for next Thursday……