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Devvotion for August 10, 2016

My husband and I have always loved going to baseball games. There is nothing better than spending an evening sitting at the ball park, listening to the silly music on the loud speakers, eating popcorn and drinking a large drink; maybe having a hot dog or two…. yelling “Yes!” when there a player scores and “Boo!” when there is a bad call. There is standing and singing during the 7th inning stretch…… A great, relaxing evening to escape from the world and enjoying a game.
I always like getting to know the players and I get one of the programs every time I go and as each home team player goes up to bat I get out my book and look them up and glean what information I can about who they are and where they are from. Often times the book will include things like ‘What is your favorite TV show’ or ‘What is your favorite dessert’ for each of the players and so the guys on the team become even more ‘real’. Certainly makes the game a lot more interesting because when a fella comes up to bat you know a little more about who he is and so what he does during his ‘at bat’ means a lot more.
My husband and I go to the local team which is a single A ball team which means that these players are vying to get called up to the higher level teams on their journey to play in the ‘big leagues’. This certainly makes these lower tier games more interesting because you know that the players are aware there are people in the stands watching them as they search for players to fill in gaps in the teams which are in the upper levels in the baseball team hierarchy.
And I have to admit it is pretty mixed emotions when one of the players you have been getting to know and watching play all season gets ‘called up’ and leaves the team for better opportunities! You are happy for the player - but sad because you have learned to recognize him and root for him and expect him to be there as you hear the line up for the coming game.
Now I know none of these players are conscious of whom I am; none of these players look up to the seats my husband and I normally sit in and say - “Hey, they aren’t here tonight” but the players do seem to respond to the noise of the crowd - they hear the clapping and the ‘hootin’ and hollerin’ of the people who come. The players do understand the support of all those who come to the games to encourage them on and who come - regardless of their winning steaks or the periods of game losses.
I think of our relationship with God in much the same way as I think about baseball. God is a loyal fan of each one of us. God is a supporter of each one of us. God is always rooting us on - ‘hootin and hollerin’ for us as we do what we should do, and always there even when we don’t do what we should.
But there are two big differences…. One is that God does not sit in the stands and get to know us from afar and urging us on from the stands…. God is right there on the field right with us. As we play second base God is right with us, pointing out the ball and helping us position our glove in just the right place…. God helps us hold the bat and hit that ball. God knows every hair on our head and he certainly knows everything we need.
And the other big difference is that we don’t have to perform to a certain level to make it to the big leagues; we don’t have to worry about angels in the stands checking us out to see if we are worthy….. According to God, the one who created us and knows us and loves us; according to God we are already in the big leagues and we always will be!


If you are new to this weekly devotion, it began many years ago to give us a boost during the week to help us continue in our walk with God! Please feel free to share it with those you know!